Work Environment

In Seoul and Seattle, we dream, cooperate,
and create games together to entertain the entire world.

Welfare System

DoubleU Games provides various welfare benefits for corporate executives and employees!

Free breakfast, lunch, and dinner:

All three meals are provided for free!

Subsidies for self-development:

Various education/training related subsidies such as those for in-house foreign language classes

Optional welfare system:

Welfare points are provided each year

Company-wide year-end party

A 1 day-paid vacation at the end of the year

Company-wide track and field day:

The track and field day is held for a company-wide respite

Afternoon leave is provided for employees on their birthday

Birthday gift for family members:

Subsidies for bouquets and cakes

Various bonuses paid:

Annual incentives, birthday gift money, holiday bonuses, excellent employee rewards, and long-term service rewards

Support for family events:

Various types of support for congratulation and condolence events

Health keeper (massage therapist):

An in-house massage therapist works to keep you energized during work hours

Support for condo reservation

Club support:

Subsidies are offered for expenses related to club activities and hobbies

Home moving policy:

Move with ease on weekdays!
One day off is offered for employees who are moving

Company-wide (overseas) workshop:

Workshops are held twice a year.

Work from home
(Once a week)

Work from home once a week,
regardless of COVID-19

Excellent employee rewards:

High-performing employees are rewarded once a year

Unlimited snacks:

DoubleU’s unique snack bar is open to everyone at any time.

Flexible working hours:

Commute to and from work at your discretion with our flexible working hour system

Support for personal profile photo shoots:

Employees have an opportunity to have a profile photo taken in the style and the way they want at a well-known studio in Gangnam.

In-house loans:

In-house loans are available when the length of service has been satisfied.

DoubleU Games provides the optimal working environment!